Did you know?  Some 20,000 bee species have been named worldwide. It is estimated that the actual number of bee species is much higher.


If I was a bee I’d be black and brown,

Covered in stripes and fly up and down.

I’d look for the flowers down on the ground,

Make lots of honey and buzz buzz around.



1.      Look at real pictures of bees, answering any questions children may have

2.      Do a bee hunt in the garden or local park after discussing where you might find bees and safety around bees

3.      Read a book about a bee

4.      Do a bee craft

5.      Learn a song about a bee

6.      Learn a rhyme about a bee

7.      Eat some honey – children can put some honey on their bread (children under  one should not eat honey)

8.      Do you have any beekeepers in the area where you could arrange an excursion?

9.      Look at honeycomb (you may be able to purchase some from beekeepers)

10.  Colour in a picture of a bee

11.  Do an art work of a bee – supply brown, yellow and black paint

12.  Play an active bee game:

Simple:  Change statue game into buzzing around looking for flowers and freeze when music stops and be very quiet. 

Extension:  Find a “flower” when music stops; these could be cushions or beanbags or any target on floor.

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Here is the Beehive

Here is the beehive,

Where are the bees?

Hiding away where nobody sees,

Here they come creeping out of their hive,




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Many of these wonderful resources have come from the many early childhood and parenting blogs at EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA http://www.earlyplayaustralia.com/


The images below are in the public domain which means you are free to copy and use them.

More bee photographs can be found here: http://naturesalchemist.tumblr.com/



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