Development in early childhood

CHILD DEVELOPMENT is a continual process of change where the child becomes able to handle ever more complex levels of moving, feeling, thinking and relating.

Physical Development - moving 

Social & Emotional Development - feeling

Thinking Skills - thinking

Communication Skills - relating


 The seven intelligences in Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory:

  • Linguistic Intelligence-  People who are word smart are good at using the written or spoken word to communicate.
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence-  People who are logical  are good at reasoning and thinking in terms of cause and effect.
  • Spatial Intelligence- Picture smart people think in pictures or images. Usually good at following directions and able to visualize and draw accurately.
  • Musical Intelligence- The ability to keep time with music, sing in tune and perceive and appreciate melodies.
  • Kinesthetic Intelligence- People with this intelligence are able to control their own movements. This involves not only outdoor sports, but finer hand-tasks like sewing and carpentry.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence- People who have empathy - the ability to respond to, understand and work with other people.
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence- People who are contemplative and easily access their own feelings. They may be introspective and enjoy meditation and other activities focused on the knowledge of the self.

When considering your child's multiple intelligences, consider the whole child. Everyday life requires all seven in some form or another. By exploring all seven intelligences, a child will become a well-rounded individual and have a chance at success in many aspects of life. 


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