Parenting in Early Childhood

 The goodness of the father reaches higher than a mountain; that of the mother goes deeper than the ocean.  Japanese Proverb

Parenting styles 

More indepth information about parenting styles here...
Other factors that influence parenting are the parents:

  • Disciplinary strategies
  • Warmth and nurturance
  • Communication style
  • Expectations of maturity and control



International Family Day is May 15th. Proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, this special day is aimed to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to support families.

It celebrates the importance and strength of the family unit and it's self-reliance. Family is the corner stone of every society. The family plays a crucial role in influencing our lives in many areas - including our health and our well-being. What really matters are the connections and time spent with our family.

"Without a family," said author Andre Maurois, "Man, alone in the world, trembles in the cold."


  • Take a walk to the park as a family
  • Go on a picnic - if it is difficult to get everyone together try breakfast or afternoon tea time.
  • Talk to each other and really listen
  • Have a special dinner at the dining room table with your best cutlery and plates - decorate the table with flowers or candles or placemats made by the children
  • Visit the library as a family and chose a dvd the whole family can watch together


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Babysitter Safety includes choosing a babysitter, things to tell the sitter, sibling as babysitters and home alone.

Toilet training
includes 2 differing styles of potty training

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