Early Childhood Communication Skills - relating


Receptive language  = what we understand

Expressive language = how we express ourselves

Nonverbal skills = gestures and facial expression

A child of one month responds to voices, at three months can coo and at four months turn to find the sound in the room. Between 1 and 2 years of age the child will  create his first words. By 3 a child can understand almost 50,000 words. 

Supporting language development. The way you interact with a child has a dramatic impact on their language skills.

From birth the child  learns from you - making sounds and talking and responding to their gurgles and other sounds or facial expressions. Take the time to truly COMMUNICATE with your child: make contact, face to face, take turns with the child in making sounds and responding to sounds in the environment.

Recommended book: It Takes Two to Talk: A Parent's Guide to Helping Children Communicate. by A. Manolson - Hanen Center Publication. This book gives confidence and practical tools "This is the best guide for parents to learn how to encourage their children to communicate. It explains different ways to establish a special bond between parent and child. It explains how children learn to communicate and ways to help your child through this learning process. Examples of games for fun and learning, music activities, art activities, and even a booklist of wonderful books for children to read are given in this book. This book is wonderful for parents, teachers, and all caregivers of children."
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