Parenting - the most important job in the world.

Positive 'encouraging' words to try: 

Beautiful work, Good thinking, Fantastic, A very good try, You learn quickly, Excellent, Great effort, Excellent work, Great try, I like it, a fine attempt, good idea, very imaginative, good work, well remembered, well done, I'm proud of you, Well done, Really great, Brilliant, Great try, You've done really well.

Positive Parenting

The Triple P parenting program believes small changes can make a big difference to the stress levels, happiness and well-being of each family.  Top 10 tips for parents from Professor Matt Sanders of the Parent and Family Support Centre at the University of Queensland, Australia.   More info... and more tips.
Guiding Children's Behaviour
Work out what your child is trying to communicate. They may not know the words to tell you how they are feeling. They may not know what to do in a difficult situation. There is always a reason for any behaviour and there may be more than one reason. 
In the heat of the moment it is often difficult to think about what your child is trying to communicate so staying calm is important. Remember, you are the adult and your child needs you to be wiser than them. When we yell and use punishment , like smacking, we are telling our children that it is okay to use anger to solve problems. Children feel respected when their needs are met and there is less reason for them to use challenging behaviours to communicate.



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