Resilience - nature or nuture

Resilience means an ability to spring back, to recover from setbacks, to function under stress.

According to Dr Sam Goldstein, Editor-in Chief of the Journal of Attention Disorders, three predictors of resilience are:

  • A temperament that causes a positive responses from others
  • Family relationships that promote trust, independence, initiative and connections
  • Community support systems that reinforce self-esteem

We can't really change a child's temperament but parents and educators can affect the other two areas. You can foster these positive skills - so in this area nuture beats nature.

More on nuturing resilience soon...

All about early childhood

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Posted 9 weeks ago

A Guide to Promoting Resilience in Children:
Strengthening the Human Spirit

by Edith H. Grotberg, Ph.D.
The International Resilience Project

The child from birth to three
The child from four to seven

The child from eight to eleven

Promoting resilience in children: Teaching and discussion strategies

Each chapter has examples of resilience and non-resilience promoting actions to show care givers what they can do.



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