Early Childhood Safety

Kidsafe Safe Play Rules...

  • Always supervise your child in a manner appropriate to their age and the activity they are participating in.
  • Use positive guidance to encourage children to take turns, use equipment safely and think about everyone's safety.
  • Encourage children to develop a set of rules they can follow

        * Play gently with no pushing or shoving
        * Respect others, be fair, share     and take turns
        * Try not to spoil someone else's game
        * Keep busy, active games away from quiet play 
        * Look out for little children

 Around the home:

Household hazards - childproof your house - The home is the most common location where children are injured!

Balconies and Balcony Railings, Stairs

Driveway safety

Hot liquids - scalds

Sun safety - hats, sunscreen and water to drink


Babysitter Safety includes choosing a babysitter, things to tell the sitter, sibling as babysitters and home alone.

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