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The ability get along with others and positive self-worth go hand in hand.  We need to learn to connect with others and resolve problems. We need to have confidence and the ability to keep trying. Social competence means we have learnt to regulate our attention, emotion and behavior, and our self-control and we have learnt what is expected of us.

Social competence is related to our temperament, our thinking skills as well as the way we were parented. 

More info on What is temperament? 


"Art encompasses all the processes in a child's development; it enhances cognitive, social, emotional and creative skills. Through art a child learns to think creatively, to imagine and to feel. The actual process of an activity is more important than the end product, so in the “doing” of an art activity children learn about critical thinking and problem solving. Art also gives all children the chance to express their creativity and feelings. Open ended projects are important, but remember to chose ones that are not too long, but that allow enough time for them to explore at their own pace." Art in the Steiner Nursery

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