Physical Development - moving 

Physical development involves gross motor and fine motor: 

gross motor - using large groups of muscles to sit, stand, walk, run, jump...     

fine motor - using hands to be able to eat, draw, dress,write...                                                                  

" Often in our rush to give children a head start in pursuit of academic excellence we, as parents, overlook a vital part of the child's development.  The motor system forms a foundation for the growth and expansion of all human organisms.  It must be nutured." Jack Capon.                                                                                      

There is a normal sequence of movement that every child should move through from birth starting with the reflexes.  Jack Capon devised and taught an amazing motor development program that can be used in preschools and schools.  It gives children the chance to use the movements in a challenging way and it is easy for teachers to follow even without a degree in physical education.                                              

G. N. Getman, a developmental optometrist specializing in learning problems and disabilities wrote 'How to Develop your Child's Intelligience.'

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